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Hello There From Birdy - Switzerland


Hi all,
Just wanting to officially introduce myself - I'm a British citizen living in (North) Switzerland. Been here now for over 15 years, so it's sort of becoming home. I'm defiantly into my 40's but the wife claims I'm still a kid! I have two monster that are still biting at my ankles - son of 14 and a daughter of 19 (OMG!!!) Thank goodness I have the bikes to get away on...

Well I used to do scrambling when I lived in the UK, but that stopped once collage started and then the move abroad. Started road biking a couple of years ago on the Triumph Speedmaster. I have since exchanged the Speedy for the Thunderbird - hence 'Birdy' - for those relaxing cruising days.
I also have an older Tiger T400 that is doing me well, and have placed an order for an 800XC (Black) with ABS. Delivery date estimated to be around March - April 2011.

I hope to share my findings once the Tiger is here and look forward to reading your adventures.

Best regards,


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