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Gearbox problem on wayto mega meet, advice sought

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Hi, Im halfway to the mega meet in Wales and have the following problem with Tiger.
Initially it was that it would cut out in neutral when the sidestand when down.
This has progressed to difficulty selecting gears, mainly first and second and gear indicator not correct.
It now jumps a gear again between 1st and 2nd.
It also finds false neutral, this was between 3rd and 4th. Never done before
The selection is sloppy, ie loose.
Once in a gear properly it runs ok.

My dilemma..
Do I continue for 3 hrs to Wales and hope it gets no worse
Do I ride home and cancel event and hotel, which we a looking forward to
Do i call RAC so bike does not get any worse to carry it home.

I suppose is anyone has had this kind of problem it would be a great help for an opinion please
Need to decide overnight.


I'd probably take a read on here about gear selector spring problems and see if the symptoms are similar to yours, then see if there's anything you can do in time for the Meet.

Hope you get it sorted ASAP.

I would be calling aa to take it home or ride it home carefully. If somethings floating inside you dont want it jamming somewhere nasty and causing a mishap or worse.

Unfortunately, gearbox problems don't usually mend themselves and will probably only get worse. As said, it's best no to risk riding it too far until it is sorted.

Sure sounds like the broken return-to-center shifter spring and/or the arm with it.

You could, a) leave the bike there, hitch a ride to the meet, b) hitch a ride back to the bike when over, c) get a tow/trailer and take it home or dealer.

You could, with difficulty, fumble with the shifter arm to change gears and ride, but not the best option!


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