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Re: No more intercom with my Sena 20S-EVO
« Reply #10 on: September 12, 2021, 06:52:21 PM »
*Originally Posted by K1W1 [+]
Good luck getting a response from Sena that isnt anything but a computer generated auto reply.
I would do a complete reset on both systems if they were mine.

Well, I have had good responses from Sena in the past and they responded within 24 hours this time:

1. Turn on the 20S EVO by pressing the jog dial and the phone button at the same time please.

2. Then press and hold the jog dial for about 12 seconds, ignoring every voice prompt, until you get the voice prompt "Configuration".

3. Once you've reached the configuration menu, turn the jog dial to move through your headsets options, to reach the option "Delete all pairings".

4. Finally, confirm by tapping the phone button once. You will now hear the voice prompt "all pairings deleted".

Please make sure that you also delete the pairing to your headset from the other devices involved, for example your smartphone, GPS or other SENA headsets, so that really no pairing remains.

Now that we can start pairing your 20S EVO from scratch again, please turn the second 20S EVO on and use these steps to pair them with each other again:

1. Once both headsets are on, please press and hold the jog dial on the first one for about 5 seconds, until the LED starts flashing red and you receiving the voice prompt "Intercom pairing".

2. Now that the first 20S EVO is ready to be paired, please repeat this procedure with the second headset, to get them both into the pairing mode at the same time.
The LEDs on both helmets are now flashing red.

3. Finally, please tap once on the jog dial of the first 20S EVO so that it starts searching the second device.

After a few seconds, the devices should now pair automatically and the LEDs should stop flashing red and instead flash blue twice.
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