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2019 XRT still under warranty.  Signals leaking with condensation.  Has Triumph fixed the problem? Is it worth replacing under warranty or better to just go to the aftermarket?

IMO Condensation happens, they're not sealed units ... that's why there's a tiny drain slot in the bottom edge of the lens. But ask your dealer anyway, ultimately it's up to Triumph to decide to renew or not.

What can be done?  I suppose Dremel the slot larger.

Never had condensation in any motorcycle turn signals. Maybe itís time to take some time to confirm that the little breather slot is not blocked.

Out of curiosity, I've just had a look at the indicators on my 2017 XCA and there are no obvious vent holes and I've never seen any condensation inside them. The same applies to the other bike I normally ride.

However, my indicators use standard bulbs and may well behave differently to later models equipped with LED indicators which I assume do not run very hot. There seems to be a possible choice between using sealed units and vented units but, in terms of the latter, I find it hard to understand how they are supposed to work from a condensation point of view - in particular, how big a vent is required and does it prevent condensation or simply allows it to clear eventually :084:


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