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Irish sea crossing

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I'm thinking of visiting a friend in Devon if I can get a good weather prediction over the next month or so.  Not sure whether to cross at Belfast - Liverpool, Dublin - Holyhead or Rosslare to Fishguard.  Leaving from Derry so it's a bit of a spin out whatever way i go but would be interested if anyone had any views on the nicest runs down the south west coast of  England/Wales.

Which part of Devon wil you be going to as it spans both north and south coasts. It will determine your route  :038:

It's somewhere near Exeter, so i suppose south coast as well as west.  Maybe just an M5 run, make it quickest and handy.

I'm heading over on Tuesday, in the car - boo.  I tend to go A5 straight through. If going south you can try A5, A470 to Talgarth then I work across to Ross-On-Wye. After that you have many options.

Thanks.  just looking at the map now.  Belfast - liverpool might be easier for me.  More motorway in england but faster.  Shorter trip on the Irish side too. 


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