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850 Sport tank "Reserve" volume?

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I couldn't seem to find an official figure so I'm wondering how many litres are actually left in the tank when the low fuel light comes on? To me, it seems about 5 litres but the indicated range seems to vary considerably. For me, the light is on when two bars remain on the gauge and I can't seem to get more than 15 litres in. So the "reserve" seems generous. Anyone put this to the test or got caught out?

I think mine normally comes on when there's about 5L left in the tank - however, this doesn't necessarily mean that all 5Ls is usable :084:

at least on my bike the yellow light and the fuel range are very pessimistic. Yesterday the range was zero when I got to the petrol station. I filled 17.5 liter in a 19.5 liter tank.

My 900 fuel light comes on (I think) with 50 miles to go.
I ran (unintentionally) the range to zero, then 10 more miles to the nearest station. Even then it only took 19 of the 20 litre fuel capacity.
Not something I want to test again though.

Typically on Tigers the low fuel light comes on with 100km / 60 miles of estimated range left but the amount of fuel in the tank at that point will vary depending on whether the bike is going downhill or uphill or is on the flat. Going downhill the light will come on a lot sooner as the fuel level over the sensor at the rear of the tank is lower. Likewise going uphill means there will be a lot less fuel in the tank when the light comes on as the fuel remaining has moved to the rear of the tank.
The fuel pump is cooled by the fuel surrounding it so typically these days the range to empty estimates are very conservative to ensure that the fuel pump is not regularly exposed to conditions where it is running hot due to lack of fuel surrounding it. For the sake of long term reliability is is not a good idea to run any bike to the point where the fuel tank is empty or nearly empty of fuel.


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