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What an absolutely brilliant weekend!

Massive thanks to Dia and co for organising a hugely enjoyable Mega Meet. The 200 mile mid-Wales tour was superb with an entertaining variety of roads, loads of stunning scenery and well-timed pit-stops to take care of the "inner man".
After 2.5 years since the last Mega Meet, it was so great to catch up with old friends, plus make some new ones. Also re-assuring to see the usual Mega Meet hallmarks of respectful riding followed by disrespectful banter in the bar afterwards. Classic!
Great hotel, great ride and great people to spend time with.

 Thanks to everyone for making it a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. One for the memory bank.

A few phots from the weekend...

Yes Ron, couldn’t agree more.
A mahoosive THANKS to Dai, Tom and the rest of the team for putting this all together; it was a blinder.
Long may these little gatherings continue, they’re absolutely brilliant.
Cheers all.

I couldn't agree more. It was a fantastic few days away, great to catch up with people I haven't seen for years and great to meet new faces. A very well organised and superbly put together ride on the Saturday with stunning Welsh scenery, I wish I was there longer. Thanks go to everyone for making it a very memorable w/e  :028:

After a quick getaway this morning I had virtually empty twisty roads until I got to the M4 then things went down hill, couldn't believe it was Sunday where are all these people going  :157:

After having put a bit of Cleo Lane on (table banter from last night - Jeff loves her) I was able to chill out and got home just after 3pm, no speeding involved  :017:

Hopefully we can all get together again in Germany next year  :031:


'nuff said.


Many thanks!

Glad you enjoyed the ride!!

It was great that the banter kicked in straight away - the 2.5 years had no negative effect on that!! However, for the next Megameet, we will need to separate Oggy and Alex’s twin  :148:

Here are some of my pictures…..


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