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Handle bar risers

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Hello looking to see if this is a good idea or not I have a triumph tiger 800 14 plate and I seem to be leaning forward on my wrist so thinking of buying handle bar risers we I have to alter cables ect or is it a bolt on

a set of 2" Rox risers or similar is the most common upgrade and requires nothing more than a cable re-route. 20 minute, easy job.  FYI, regardless of what some might say. DO NOT buy the cheap chinese risers. Spend a few bucks more on proven quality.

Originally Posted by Alan215 ... I have a triumph tiger 800 14 plate ...
You don't indicate if it is a roadie or XC bike which may be relevant, I don't know the standard setup. Not sure on the 'Gen 1' bikes but on the 'Gen 2' the roadie (XR) didn't come standard with a high riser (but a short one) and the XC did. I had the Triumph XC riser fitted as an accessory to my roadie at PDI and also reversed as that brings the bars up and closer. I then later also fitted Rox risers on top of those and the only thing I had to do was relocate the 'Triumph' rubber band cable ties from being on the bars (pic 1) to just the cables (pic 2 & 3) to remove tension on full steering lock.


The risers I show on page 2 to indicate the reversal system are the standard factory low roadie ones I had taken off.

I went with 2" Rox Risers and the ProTaper EVO Adventure bars..    very happy with the results on my 2014 800 XC.

I absolutely hated the stock bars in every way possible.. too short, too straight.. my wrists/arms/shoulders/lower back were not impressed.   I tried the stock Explorer (1200) bars, both with and without the risers and while they were better, they still hurt me.   

The EVO Adventure bars sweep back enough for my wrists, and are tall enough to let me sit or stand in comfort.   

The Rox risers also let you cheat the bar back a bit...  think 45 degrees vs. straight up, so that the bars are a little taller and a little closer to you.

EDIT: I used the EVO Adventure... not the EVO Adventure High

EDIT 2:  I may have cut about a half inch off each side of the handlebars and added real handguards...  cables took a little fiddling but everything worked out OK.

Explorer Bars are pretty good. There are lots here who have done that and very happy.

I removed my risers after doing explorer and did a thread on why you want to fit them and a how too tutorial.

But go and grab a set of aftermarket bars and put them next to your, sit on an Explorer and then it will make sense.

But, its not an easy job, just saying.


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