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Hello folks
Decided it was time to try a Tiger  :002:  .
Went for an (2013)800 with ABS.
I live in Dundee (Scotland) and commute to St Andrews so thought that it could cope well with Fife roads :016:
I have a mostly MX and Enduro background so like high up and big bars.
First ride in to work today and felt good, so hope we get some nice dry Autumn days to head up the Glens.
I am sure I will have many daft/annoying questions over the next wee while as I get used to the bike, sorry in advance  :002:
Would be good to meet up with any other Tayside locals.
Cheers Stephen

Hi and :401:

TIger Lad:
 :401: to the forum. :031:

Hi Stephen and welcome to the forum.
My son lives in Dundee and I have recently returned from a visit.
Cracking roads around you.
May see you sometime.



Hello and welcome, not far from you, just round the coast a little, enjoy your bike


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