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12v Battery pack charging on bike?

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Hi, I have a 12v battery pack for my heated vest. It also has a 5v use.
I obviously charge it via the adaptor at home, but I was wondering if it is possible to charge it from the bike when traveling/camping? Directly from the battery or via the socket?
You can get these packs with various amps. They obviously put out 12v themselves like the bike/ battery, but should be no different from a battery charger or trickle charge (i think?) except Id want the charge the other way.
Does anyone do this safely?
Im not into watts, volts, ohms, amps stuff, but Im sure someone will understand the risks.
I assume direct to the battery would pose no risk to rectifier, alt electrics etc.
And the battery is a hell of a lot bigger than the pack.

If it charges via a USB at home it should charge fine on the bike.

I assume this is the battery that came with your heated vest and is used specifically for that purpose but also has the additional feature to provide 5V charging of other devices.
You need to look on the home charging device that is used to charge the battery and find out what the output voltage is on that device. If it is around 13 to 14V DC then you can ask use your Tiger accessory plug as a charging source.
Alternatively, what I do is run my 12V vest directly off the motorcycle without using any vest battery.

The pack is not charged by the USB, its a 12v input via an adaptor plugged into the mains.
Like the 2nd reply I use my heated vest directly frm the bike, but the scenario I am thinking about is 3 nights camping.
1st cold night in the tent use my heated to keep warm using the battery pack.
For the 2nd and subsequent nights  I need to charge the pack up.
I assume I can charge it from the bike when riding during the day.

The input from the mains is 12v so from what you say it should be ok attached to the battery.

I like to keep toasty when camping in the UK.

Most likely a lithium chemistry 3 cell unit with a usb power outlet module.
If the mains adaptor simply provides 12volts dc then you should have no problem charging from the 12volt outlets on your bike. If the adaptor provides current limited charging then I would suggest you can not.
Maybe email the makers and ask? (good luck if they are chinese)


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