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Tiger Tool with OBDLink MX+ on 2019 Tiger XRx - no connection - advice?

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Requesting some advice on using Tiger Tool 3.3. with a new OBDLink MX+  bluetooth dongle on a 2019 Tiger 800 XRx:   Tiger Tool reports "COM4 Open"  but  "Can't Connect to OBD Interface!  so i am puzzled what to change/adjust.  I believed the OBDLink MX+ was a reliable choice to use with Tiger Tool

In "annoying" contrast OBDLink's software "OBDWiz" connects to the dongle and then to the OBD interface and ECU with no hesitation. Reporting all stats (both static with ignition on and dynamic with engine  with no trouble. 

My attempts to unblock TigerTool included - varying some Baud rates on the pseudo COM port, upgrading the firmware on the dongle; trying both the pseudo-COM ports (COM3 and COM4), disabling Windows firewalls.  Nothing  succeeded.  Is their a suggestion or debug process to look deeper?

By the way, the OBDWiz reports: it is connected with protocol "ISO 15765-4 CAN ( 29 bit ID, 500 Baud)" "Motorcycle Euro OBD-1"  and tells me the bike's VIN number plus a calibration ID of 30133 and a calibration Verification of 160129.   - Hoping some piece of that info might help.

Look forward to any suggestion....


TigerTool has never been tested by me with any of the OBDLink interfaces. I was due to pickup a couple on a trip to the US last year but Covid put paid to my travel plans. Sure I could buy one in the UK but they're much cheaper in the US and it's not something I'd use very often so I didn't want to spend more money on yet another OBD interface!

Bear in mind that TigerTool was designed to work with ELM327 interfaces and the OBDLink ones use a different chip that supposedly supports the ELM327 command set in addition to its own. Almost certainly your problems are due to an unknown reply from the MX+ interface to one of the ELM327 commands.

If you can open a terminal program, or if OBDLink's own software supports this, try sending the following commands and report back with the results. I might be able to put together a special build of TigerTool for you to test based on the results you get.


p.s. TigerTool should run at 38400 baud which is the default setting for ELM327 interfaces.

Thanks for the rapid response.  I will test those commands tomorrow (my timezone= brisbane, AU).  Appreciate your offer to apply a small code-change.   Since i have already bought the hardware, i'm happy to work with you on debugging - if that helps you and others.

Hi T800XC,

I was able to test the AT commands today.   I used the console function in the OBDWiz tool, after it connected to the OBDLink.

The responses seem reasonable - here they are:

ELM327 v1.4b
ELM327 v1.4b

Does that identify an issue with command compatibility, or are we still looking at a data communications issue?   By the way, I am running the software on Windows 10.


Sorry to barge in on this Topic but my situation is in the same ball park.

I bought the OBDLink LX thinking it was one of the better choices, apparently not.
Could have sworn I read a "best buy list" where this was in the top 3. Must have been
for TuneECU, I don't have Android so that is not an option. Costing a lot more than other
choices I hoped to avoid the problems I read about all over forums and websites.

I have an 800 XCA -16 I'm trying to connect to, reset the service indicator and so on.
OBDWiz won't connect to the bike, it finds the device but can't connect to the bike.
It connects to my car though. Why wouldn't it connect to the bike? Seems it works for MX.
Since I can't connect to the bike I can't provide data to debug the situation, don't know
where to go from here really.

TigerTool gives me the same behavior as the MX, can't connect.
What can I do, how can I help?

Count me in as interested in whatever solutions you come up with regarding the MX.
Maybe I'm back in the game as well then.

** Hoping for a solution **


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