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    Vsysto Dash Cam Install on 900 GT Pro
    on: Nov 07, 2021, 08.04 pm
    Nov 07, 2021, 08.04 pm
    Well I've got my initial install done after transferring the camera system from the Explorer.
    Positive and negative are connected to the battery terminals with the switched live coming off the thunderbox so the system starts after the engine is running. 
    First off the pictures aren't pretty as there is absolutely nowhere to hide the cables or the voltage reducer as I could on the explorer inside the rear panel behind the rear light. All the wires in the tray have enough slack for when the tray is lifted and the seat still goes down in the correct position but Oh how I wish I could clean that up under there. 

    Also due to the totally useless USB tray that is under the rear seat all the wiring has to go in the tool bag tray under the riders seat meaning the extending lead has to be used for the rear camera resulting in another bundle of wire under the seat.

    another disappointment is that the rear camera will not fit on its mount between the rear of the bike and the givi rack so not hidden as well though when the box is on it should be less obvious. I may try turning the mount and installing on the angle part of the rear of the bike above its current position

    The dealer put the extension for the front camera in whilst doing the PDI and I've managed to tuck that connection behind the TFT screen and the front camera position is just a trial I hope works as I don't really want a mount sticking out the side of the bike if I can avoid it.

    Both cameras and the control unit and voltage box are mounted on very strong velcro for ease of removal. I wont be able to test the positions until maybe next weekend so I'll update when I know for sure