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    2015-2017 XCX/XCA Levers
    on: Nov 08, 2021, 07.57 pm
    Nov 08, 2021, 07.57 pm
    Hi all!

    Picked up a fantastic deal recently on a 2015 XCX.

    Only thing I don't like is that a previous owner binned the OEM levers and put some sh*t Chinese ones on that I can't stand.

    I'd like to go back to OEM (or OEM style) but this is really hard to do as the models with cruise control have a different clutch lever than the others. This is due to the sensors to disengage the cruise control.

    If anyone has upgraded their levers and wants to sell me their old ones, as long as they're from the right model, I would be interested!

    Thanks in advance,