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    Re: Flat Battery Advice needed
    Reply #30 on: Jan 13, 2022, 05.39 pm
    Jan 13, 2022, 05.39 pm
    *Originally Posted by markymark11 [+]
    I am also looking at a new battery any day and just wondered - Yuasa say that the upgraded battery from a YTX16-BS (which is my current battery) is to go for a YTX20CH- BS which is 18ah rather than 14ah. I assume there is no problem going for the 20 or am I missing something and it will damage other electrical components - any advice please (sorry to jump in on the current topic)

    According to the Yuasa website they are the same physical size but you will need to make 100% sure it is only the 'CH' one your shop can supply as the standard YTX20-BS range are longer and won't fit. The Halfords battery selector still shows the wrong YTX20-BS for my bike instead of the correct YTX16 something like 2.5yrs since I sorted this with them and they said they would correct their system. Halfords don't list the YTX20CH which is a pain as I have their trade card.
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    Re: Flat Battery Advice needed
    Reply #31 on: Jan 13, 2022, 06.02 pm
    Jan 13, 2022, 06.02 pm
    OK - thank you for the advice.
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