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    DRL Canbus question
    on: Jan 19, 2022, 10.36 pm
    Jan 19, 2022, 10.36 pm
    Need a new headlight for a 2018 XRX. The stock unit is cubic dollars here in Canada so was considering one of the LED aftermarket or an older stock setup and do some wire adapting. I wouldn't be using the canbus module and led bits from the stock setup, just tying in to the existing halogen wires. If I omit the canbus module that is on the back of the stock headlight assembly will the bike care and be giving warnings or something all the time or will it just ignore a module that it can't communicate with? It is just DRL which in Canada would be on all the time as well as the low beams (as I understand it) so aside from aesthetics I wouldn't lose anything from a functionality/safety standpoint.

    The bike is in bits currently so can't do any testing of my own. Cheers!