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    Re: How To: Starter Motor Information on New Upgraded kit (Gen 1&2)
    Reply #40 on: Feb 10, 2023, 09.51 am
    Feb 10, 2023, 09.51 am
    hello everyone..this post helped me alot to make a decision about my "hot start" issue..after going back and forth btw buying a new starter and rebuilding the existing one I went with the cheapest option :)
    already ordered brushes and brush holder/insulators from crossed (I ordered 2 brushes, 1 brush holder and the insulator.. dont know if they are needed or would fit all togheter though )

    meantime contacted ricks from US, asked their opinion on Triumph's own solution to its chronic "hot starting" problem where they adressed it only by gear-reduction (as steve p. already calculated, by the way the upgraded starter comes with is 9 spline pinion not 10), they come back and say nothing but only that their starters are mitsuba style and more powerfull than the OEM..well putting aside the style? guess being more powerfull either just by design or by gear reduction is what is needed to overcome that extra needed to crank a hot engine when all cylinder internals seal better creating more compression to deal with.
    I have also replaced the battery earlier, and since then it is considerably better during cold starts and less likely to fail when hot.
    anyhow will let you know of the outcome once I finish starter cleaning and rebuild..

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    Re: How To: Starter Motor Information on New Upgraded kit (Gen 1&2)
    Reply #41 on: Jun 11, 2023, 02.10 pm
    Jun 11, 2023, 02.10 pm
    Resurrecting this thread as I've just fitted a new starter motor to my '11 XC. This came at the end of a bit of a saga starting with me throwing the bike down the road, deciding to check the valve clearances whilst I had it in bits, faffing with this job somewhat then going for a ride only for the thing to not start after filling up with petrol... Much checking and head scratching later I read the 'starter motor' thread then this one...

    I considered one of the chinese ones (now available from a UK 'supplier' through ebay) but in the end I bit the bullet and bought a triumph one. Interestingly Fowlers listed the kit part number as per Stevie's original post - 550.... World of Triumph were more vague listing two motors for different engine numbers, but if you searched for T1316677 it came up with the kit (560) and seemed to indicate it was for my bike. As I'd procrastinated somewhat having added it to my basket then gone on holiday for a week 'World of Triumph' sent me a 10% off discount code, so 515 posted....

    As Stevie has noted it's a bit of a job as you need to get the alternator cover off. One screw snapped but fortunately right on the head so a blow lamp and two locked together  M6 nuts later, it came out. Pulling the cover off is very difficult due to the magnetism holding the stator in place. Much careful levering, pulling and swearing required.

    Thereafter it was all fairly straightforward. The original starter motor actually looked in reasonable nick when I took it to bits and the bushes looked new. This makes me think someone else has been in here - probably the place I bought it from as there is nothing mentioned in any of the service invoices I got with the bike. I'm not sure how long this has been going on for to be honest as my rides in the run up to winter and since have just been to work and back so I've never had to try a 'hot start.'

    It's worth taking pictures of the wiring and connector layout as this is quite specific. Two block connectors bolt onto the back of the crank case and starter motor stud and it took me a couple of goes to get these in the right place and orientation. I also stressed that I hadn't the right starter as it didn't fit snuggly up against the crank case. Much measuring later I worked out that the old one didn't either.

    Anyway having lashed it all back together again it worked; plus I took the opportunity to balance the injectors using Tigertool.

    So thanks Stevie for the intel, hopefully I won't have to do this again!

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    Re: How To: Starter Motor Information on New Upgraded kit (Gen 1&2)
    Reply #42 on: Dec 07, 2023, 12.46 pm
    Dec 07, 2023, 12.46 pm
    Thrilling post - read it - very useful. Thank You!

    I am about to make my 80k big service and since basically whole Tiger will be stripped anyway apart and renewing brushes of the starter motor is logical ( and it is the cheapest option).

    My TT800 XC is 2012 and actually had a hot starter issue couple of times but nothing really annoying.

    I the beginning I though I would replace only the wheel from 74 to 76 teeth but then I realised I should also replace a starter into a new generation (9 teeth).

    As I am not certain whether the old starter fits to the 76 teeth wheel I gave this idea a pass.

    However as the most probable cause of the hot starter issue is heat coming from an engine and causing expansion of parts inside the starter I had an idea of providing some thermal isolation between the starter motor and the engine - thermal isolating tape or some other form of the heat shield.

    Do you think it may be a good solution? Or I am simply wrong?