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    Re: Live wire
    Reply #10 on: Apr 19, 2022, 05.27 am
    Apr 19, 2022, 05.27 am

    From the User manual (available on the web site)

    Overload management
    The intelligent overload management allows inductive loads such as halogen bulbs to be
    lit/turned on. The TB allows overloading its circuit(s) for 200 milliseconds.
    If the overload (greater than 16A) duration exceeds 200 milliseconds, the TB will turn the
    power output OFF. The TB attempts to restore power to the output three times. If the
    overload persists, that circuit will remain switched-off/disabled until the TB has been reset
    by disconnecting the TB Red wire from the battery then reconnecting after about 5 seconds.
    3 / 4
    The TB-U02 has two independent output circuits so if one is disabled due to overload, the
    other will still work normally.
    A constant red light indicates that the output is disabled.

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    Re: Live wire
    Reply #11 on: Apr 19, 2022, 06.35 am
    Apr 19, 2022, 06.35 am
    Cheers Chuckxc and KIWI :028:

    Looks like an awesome bit of kit

    Safe Riding
    Safe Riding
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