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XC recall

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Originally Posted by Ratten Well the updates have done nothing so far.  Spent a month back at triumph in SA and still it started cutting out at altitude (Sani Pass) the other weekend.  So back in for them to try some more things...

This is really starting to get to me....nothing like a ten grand paperweight that i've shipped from the UK!

Grrrrrr :232:
so you are saying the recall download is not working?????

well it doesn't seem to.  Every time the engine has been v hot (fan on) and again this time at altitude (circa 3000m). 

It's been in and out of the dealer and now the importer more times than i can remember.   Great bike when it's going (especially with knobblies on - ditch that dual sport rubbish)

I'd be a little hesitant to try a super 1200 fly by wire model if they can't fix the ones already out there....


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