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    Re: To buy or not to buy?
    Reply #20 on: May 11, 2022, 07.08 pm
    May 11, 2022, 07.08 pm
    Try a Yamaha Tracer 900, I had a short ride and found the engine far superior to the Tiger 900.

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    Re: To buy or not to buy?
    Reply #21 on: May 12, 2022, 02.55 am
    May 12, 2022, 02.55 am
    *Originally Posted by Tripple3 [+]
    Try a Yamaha Tracer 900, I had a short ride and found the engine far superior to the Tiger 900.

    While researching these bikes I saw many positive comments about its engine. But, I also read posts like this one on another forum:

    "I traded in a tracer to get my tiger.
    You'll find once you put some time in the saddle on your new tracer that Yamaha keeps the price down by skimping on some of the nicer touches a triumph has.
    You'll also come to find that the Yamaha 900 doesnt run as smooth as the triumph engine."

    From all I learned while researching these bikes and from what I learned speaking with owners of them I decided to go with the Triumph. BUT, one must always consider the rider himself (physical qualities) , the type of riding they will actually be doing and what aspects of the bike are most important. I set aside price as an issue, I just wanted the best bike for me. I ride the back country roads of Kentucky and the Tiger is just perfect for that and is a very natural fit and feel for me.  But, that is just me and I openly admit that I am a long time Triumph fan.

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    Re: To buy or not to buy?
    Reply #22 on: Yesterday at 09:30 pm
    Yesterday at 09:30 pm
    I've owned there Tiger 800's, Gens 1-3.  The Gen 3 XCA is the real deal, it lacks nothing (rather annoying gear whine from the straight cut on the imput shaft after they removed the backlash gears) aside.
    Smooth engine which is perfect for motorway cruising, great off road, and bullet proof.  Loads of cool ad ons and good value.  I picked up a brand new one in 2020 for 9999 with panniers.
    I tried the 900 but found the vibes really annoying at around 75-80mph, same with the new 1200.
    Trouble is, if you have come from the old triple engines the t-plane just misses the spot.  That's because they aren't the Triumph Triple.  They're a hybrid that's not sure what it is. 
    The reason why I buy Triumph bikes is because of the engine, simple as that.
    I've ridden and owned most of the other makes but found the triple to be just what I wanted.
    Now they've decided to get ride of the reason you buy a Triumph to replace it with, er, a bit of this and a bit of that?!
    I wanted to upgrade to a bigger bike as I intend to do more touring and although the 800 is great, it's a bit manic over long periods but because it's smooth, it's doable.
    Now I'm getting older I want a bit more finesse.
    The Gen 3 Explorer is perfect but a bit of a lump.
    The new 900 and 1200 would be great with the 180 degree Triple but they don't make them.
    You either stick with your 800 or change brand, none of that seems a great move by Triumph.