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Staff bikes: Triumph Tiger 800 - Tiger hits Spain (mcn)

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Originally Posted by KildareMan Strange to see an 800 with so few accessories.

You want to see mine, virgin in every way :-)

I went to Calpe with work a few years ago (Advanced Personal Leadership and Development Training!)

Much prettier than Benidorm, the huuuuge rock is very impressive at sunrise and sunset.

(feel free to pass on the name of the mate with the villa ;) )

Originally Posted by bogman You want to see mine, virgin in every way :-)

Yes but you're from Cork.  Strange things happen when you cross the border there   :001:

Originally Posted by Goulash As someone pointed out on the MCN site, no weaving from my tiger either, with or without luggage. Don't know what all that's about

Could it be the luggage system? Some luggage systems catch wind differently than others, and they attach to the frame more stiffly. I have the Hepco & Becker semi-soft side cases on my Bonneville T100, and since the mounting bracket is stiffly attached to the frame, they cause a weave of the front wheel at speeds of over 100 km/hr with wind speeds of 4bft or up.


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