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Those who have ordered there tigers,have you had you any insurance quotes,what bracket is it in,more exspensive than current ride ,or not. :027:

Tiger Balm:
Not got any quotes yet, I have a multi bike policy and will just add it on at due time, most of the insurers base premium on the value, but cant see it being that high a group either

I wonder if there will be a group difference as with the Street and the R version?

I see the ads for multi-bike insurance in UK and wish we had the same thing here.
Everything has to be insured separately. Anything that they deem to be a sport bike gets a 400% surcharge if they will even insure it. I had a street triple ordered until I found out it would be over $2000 a year to insure. They don't list any other Tigers or BMW adv. bikes, so I hope this one gets a pass.

Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be less than my previous tupper ware laden, higher HP rides.

Yes, could be a big decider for me too, with a recent ban still hanging over me any increase in cc is gonna have an effect, bizarre how in the UK at least cc not hp decides your insurance bracket, so a 600cc Honda Hornet (98-100bhp?) is cheaper than my current 650cc Versys (62-65bhp)

Ins Co's are a load of robbing, inconsistent  :172: at the best of times, but this is just plain weird  :027:


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