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Did my experiment


I got my recall letter for stalling and center stand so I broke out the TuneECU to revert my T800 ABS Road back to the original tune (I had installed the new map with TuneECU myself when it came out) so I can take it to the dealer to get them to install the new tune officially and clear the recall for my VIN #.

Anyway, the remap back to original went smooth as expected.  The I reset the TPS and ran the adaptation learn procedure.  All good.

And yes, the bike is stalling again.  I was wondering about that.  Too bad because mine seems to run a little better and idle smoother with the old map.  Just that stalling thing....

I'm starting to get the same impression. I think mine was running a little better with the old tune but I can't know for sure, I have since removed the baffle from my remus exhaust so it's hard to tell now. Never had the stalling myself.

Have a cup of tea:
Snap, though I never had the stalling program, with the new map, ARROW (aftermarket exhaust). The bike sometimes seems to feel like it has run out of fuel, when deaccelerating more noticably when on a long down hill. The pick up is then a little stuffled.  :006:

I would say that with the new tune the motor hunts more at idle and feels a tad coarser overall. I haven't done a proper mpg comparison but I suspect that the new tune mileage will suffer a bit in comparison.  Maybe confirm or deny that after I get the new tune back and have a chance to run a few tanks through.  Just my impressions...


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