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63 MPG???

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Triumph says they can get 63 to the gallon... yeah right. maybe imperial gallons downhill with no panniers if I shaved my head, rode naked, and laid down on the tank behind the shield.   :156:

Can someone point me to the nearest nude safe mountain range.  Preferrably one without snow on top.  :190:

This is right off the page...
41 MPG City / 63 MPG Highway *Estimated from fuel economy tests on a sample motorcycle conducted under ideal laboratory conditions. Actual mileage may vary based upon personal riding habits, weather, vehicle condition, and other factors.

Has anyone even come close?

To clarify... I have been getting nothing better than 45 mpg (US) and the snip of the website is from the US site.

Keep in mind that even though it is a snip from a US site, those are often provided to them by or taken from sources in the UK or Europe.  I have seen similar US sites listing MPG for BWM's the same way.  Even though the snip was on a US site, the MPG is clearly imperial gallons.  I think they simply cut and paste a release and don't bother with the conversions.

Originally Posted by JamesTigerGuy
41 MPG City / 63 MPG Highway
I get 46 mpg average in city. Does that count? I guess if you got straight on the freeway, cruised at a constant speed and didn't stop again until you ran empty, 63mpg is possible. Having said that I did get 58.97 mpg (uk) on a ride last weekend (30% city) - 298km/14.3 liters or 185.17/3.14g.     

It is possible. I refer the gentleman to the post I made today in this thread :- https://www.tiger800.co.uk/index.php/topic,2536.45.html


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