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Hooray my plaster cast is off!

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At last! Ever since the XC was delivered in September, I've been unable to ride it, as my arm has been in a plaster cast.  :003:

Today, it finally got removed, so in a few days (hopefully by the weekend), after lots of physio exercises, I'll be able to finally ride the thing! :028:

I'm not going to rush into it, but cannot wait! :152:

 :046: Glad the cast came off, hope the arm is fully healed.
I have had my Roadie for 2,5 weeks and so far only been able to ride twice but that is due to work so I am at least paid not to ride!

 :047:  :046:  :001:

Take it easy like you say, you may wanna try just pushing it in and out of the garage a few times first, just to get the feel of it before you put too much stress on your arm


6 weeks without wiping your own arse? bet your all relieved thats over? :017:


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