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POLL: Which colour is best on the 800 XC ?

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For those of you who have requested a poll on "which colour" you prefer, here you go....

I'm going to run two polls one for 800 XC (this one) and another for the road version.

You get one vote in each.

Pics of bikes below to help you decide; more pics in Media Gallery here

Obviously one particular colour is "faster"...  :153:

DetailsTiger 800 XC - Phanton BlackTiger 800 XC - Phanton Black

DetailsTiger 800 XC - Crystal WhiteTiger 800 XC - Crystal White

DetailsTiger 800 XC - Intense OrangeTiger 800 XC - Intense Orange

 :138: presumably that should read 'Intense orange' in place of 'Venom Yellow' for the XC, or is this poll miss-titled  :007:

I am confused now ...  :087:

Black , Orange and White
I ordered a black one, but will add a bit of orange and white to it.

no, black.
...no, orange, yeah.


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