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Almost There


Well almost there, test passed and an order placed for a new Tiger 800 (road version) in white, cannot wait.

Expecting to take delivery early next week and will be hoping for good weather

Thanks again to everybody who responded to my initial posts, the information was very helpful



Congratulations, Paul.  Please let us know when you pick her up.

WooHoo congratulations Paul! Good luck with the weather though in South Wales in November  :190:

The Tiger's still fun in the rain though so I'm sure whatever the weather you'll be very happy - don't forget piccies and an update of the happy event  :123:

Hi Paul

Sorry I missed your post on the 1st Bike topic.

I've had mine since June this year and its been very difficult to stop riding it.

I have clocked up over 3000 miles now and love very minute.

It is easy to ride and I have no regrets.

Ride it sensibly and enjoy!!

 :028: Here's to good weather for you!  :031:


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