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    Re: Road or Green Lanes Ride
    Reply #30 on: Apr 14, 2012, 08.37 am
    Apr 14, 2012, 08.37 am
    *Originally Posted by BigMike [+]
    Ron, to be honest, that's what the TRF is for. I don't like the idea of publishing a database of lanes on an open website, it gets used by the wrong type of people who frankly are too lazy to find them on their own. They then abuse them, drive off-track and create all kinds of problems for us law abiding riders and drivers (not saying anyone here would do that but TRF is the resource to use for green lanes, and being a member supports our continued use of them).

    I am happy to create a tiger friendly GPX route to be lead by someone responsible and experienced. There's only one lane in the area that springs to mind which is not really suitable for the tiger, but then again, some of the others are quite rocky, though easily passable by anyone with some offroad experience.  It definitely would not be suitable for someone who's never ridden offroad though and it's important that's understood and adhered to.  There are some fairly steep ascents and descents on loose surfaces, some rock, a small amount of mud and a good few ruts so anyone doing it should be comfortable in those situations.  Tyres should be minimum TKC80's unless it's been very dry but realistically, this is the lakes, so I would strongly suggest TKC80's or more aggressive.

    Good point about the TRF.  I'm a member of the East Midlands group and the trails database is a useful source although, as you know,  it doesn't provide enough information on the trails themselves.
    However, the ride reports usually do , and the photos help, so I guess we could always build up posts of Tiger friendly trails on the TRF website then provide links to members on this forum. It would require people to join the TRF but if green-laning, I would advocate that anyway. The TRF needs all the support it can get.

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    Re: Road or Green Lanes Ride
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    Apr 14, 2012, 10.51 am

    I suggest you do some internet searching and talk to local dealers and clubs, etc, I know for deffo there is at least one off-road riding school around here (Macclesfield), they tend to go round what's left of the green lanes in the Peak District and you can either go on your own bike, or use one of theirs (usually smaller capacity, proper off-road trail bikes).

    I know of a place that does quads, who will also take people out on the quad courses on trail bikes  :028:
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