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Silent Mobius:
It was precisely for this reason that there are some here Semans put the question on the deCAT the CAT on our bikes; in Portugal it is already law and periodic inspections a must, as it was a demand by C.E.E.  :023:

Not wanting to put a damper on things but what is the point in several epetitions of the same type? We need joined up thinking here. The epetitions are not even looked at until 100,000 votes are cast, so if we have several of the same petition then each one is weakened. This particular petition was ran last year and not enough people cast there vote. Besides, don't forget that under our 'arrangement' with the EU, we cannot just vote against EU commissions decisions. We are part of the EU whether you like it or not, so we have to abide by their decisions on new laws, whether you agree with them or not. Having 100,000 UK epetition votes just means it gets raised in UK government discussions, not EU commission discussions.

Just like all other legislation that already exists for motorcycles, like dark visors, race exhausts, non approved engine mods and cut slicks, people do currently and will forever do what they want and ignore the rules. Most of the time they get away with it. Don't worry about the EU. If they pass a new law ignore it and carry on as normal.

No point signing either as it will never come to pass. No way they can implement any of the issues raised bar the high vis (which I agree with), Abs and anti tampering which will only be on new models. All would be nigh on impossible to police.


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