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epetition re bike mods

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Done  :028:

 :031: Admin

The right to ride website recommends not signing the petition mentioned in the first post due to it being full of errors.

Bangs head on wall at incompetence of petition writer.................

Our advise don't sign this petition

Fact Or Fiction

Clarification Ė 28-09-11: Letís be clear the list on this page of what is being alleged to be contained in the EU proposal by the European Commission are false.  To reiterate all the statements on this page are  fiction but most have been publicised in the press as fact regarding the European Commissions proposal, we are not responsible for the interpretation of said comments etc. 

Seems like a pile of misinformation in that case (the petition)  :084:

Originally Posted by BigMike Seems like a pile of misinformation in that case (the petition)  :084:

Yes Mike, my view also, although France and Ireland are already expressing their intent on the Hi-vis bit, so it does no harm to start complaining now  :038:

I did question the literacy of the first petition, but if everyone signs both and any more that come up then it adds more pressure for Mr Camero to do something, or at least pay some attention to the baying hounds parasites plebs Voters at Downing Street's gates  :001:


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