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Unauthorised ECU Modifications and Warranty Claims

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The Triumph ECU (whether Sagem or Keihin) has always featured a 'freeze frame'  data facility where data is stored at the time a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) is recorded by the ECU. While inaccessible to TuneECU, this data is accessible to the dealer utilizing either through the old hand held dealer tool or the new software dealer tool. Such information is often required by the factory in the event of a warranty claim against engine failure. Details such as engine speed, calculated load, coolant temperature, throttle position, intake air temperature, vehicle speed, ignition advance, and fuel system status are all recorded.

or just buy dealer tool and you can clear logs yourself

Sounds more like hysteria to me, always been the case that a dealer will look over a bike, or, car to see if it shows signs of abuse before settling a warrenty claim and why shouldn't they, provided it doesn't go to extremes why should everyone else pay for dodgy warrenty claims from pilliocks who've been raggin the rs off a bike and still expect the manufacturer to pay for damage they've inflicted, sorry looks like an own goal to me  :151:

The commercially available Dealertool only reads and clears DTCs. As far as I am aware, it does not clear the freeze frame data capture required by the Triumph factory. Furthermore, the anti-tamper facility within the ECU which detects and records when non o/e software has been downloaded can only be read by the factory.

ultimately its software...

if its been written by mankind, given enough time, money, knowledge and perspiration it can be decoded


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