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mini-tour of Wales


I am going to ride from Gloucester to Bets y coed at the end of the month to meet friends for a night and would like to make a circular route from Gloucester and back again.....can anybody offer some good suggestions for the route avoiding motorways etc where possible. Traveling on a Friday & back on the Saturday.....

any help would be appreciated. There is still space at the b&b in Betsy if interested

Thanks Justin

depends how much time you've got, what sort of roads you like
sticking to A roads
A483 Built to Newtown (Obviously)
A470 to Dolfach then onto Dollgellau
possibly A494 to Bala, A4212 Bala -> Trawyfunned (watch out for the corner near Capel Celyn its catches a lot of people out)
rejoin the A 470 to Blaenau and carry on to Betwys

whilst you are there have a look at the LLanberis Pass (A4086), although it takes you North East towards Caernarfon

A5 out of Betwys,
A543 to Denbeigh, A 525  to Ruthin, then onto the A542 towards Horseshoe apss / Ponderosa and Llangollen

or A487 through Aberystwyth

there's lots of other roads in and around North Wales worth riding, but if you are going there and back over two days I doubt you'll have that must time to appreciate 'e, as to routes from mid wales to and from Gloucester, mebbe there someone formt here would care to share  :007:


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