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Unauthorised Selling on the Forum


Can I remind everyone that if you are a commercial business, small trader, or an individual and wish to sell items or a service on the forum then you must contact us (pm me) BEFORE you post.

This must be authorised first and will probably incur a small advertising charge depending on the nature of the item/service.

We will take a dim view of members who ignore this as this is clearly mention in the Registration Agreement, a copy of which can be seen here

Please note that this does not mean personal items (including motorcycles) as you are welcome to sell these in the "For Sale" section without permission  :028:

It refers to:

* Any commercial business providing or promoting a service, or selling one or more items
* Small Traders or Individuals providing a service, or selling one or more items
This includes:

* Describing or offering a service or item(s) in a forum post
* Providing such a service or item via a contact link such as a url, email address, or pm
* Posting links to services or items on other sites to which you have a vested commercial interest
* Posting commercial links or details in profile signatures
Feel free to pm me if you have any queries.

Apologies for this post but there are individuals who for some reason seem to think they are exempt.

Many thanks



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