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Before I bought my Tiger (last May) I owned a BMW R1200R. (which has an excellent forum ,

I produced an R1200R owners calendar in 2010 and 2011 using photos taken by owners of their bikes whilst on their various bike trips or in their localities. Even though I say it myself , they were great looking calenders (because of the variety of photos taken by owners)  and a fun piece of memorabilia for owners.

If there is sufficient interest, I would be happy to do the same for the Tiger 800 and produce an owners calendar for 2013.

The fun bit is people submitting their best photo and we all judge the best 13 for the calendar (12 months + front cover)

Once the winning entries have been selected, I will then get the calendar printed (using Cafepress or similar). You will then be able to mail order your own copy directly from  the printers (eg Cafepress) . They usually cost around 15.

The competition is open to Tiger 800 owners around the world.

We will also pick at least one photo from the Mega Meet in the Lakes in May. (see Mega Meet sub board under Events)

I will post a link shortly so you can view one of the previous calendars I did.

The judging would be in the Autumn and calendars printed in November. Since we are in Spring, we are all looking forward to a great year on our bikes. So, remember to take you camera out with you. That great view on holiday, a day out at the weekend, your bike in your locality, down a track, in front of an intersting building, in a good light at dusk. There's loads of ways of capturing an interesting composition. Your bike could be a pin up in the 2013 Tiger 800 Owners calendar. How great would that be  :152:

Please indicate if you would be interesed in taking part.

I don't mind being a judge but I guess I shouldn't take part based on my professional life.

Actually, we had a couple pro's shots in the last calendars  (and it obviously helps the overall quality of the calendar). Although you can submit more than 1 entry, we simply limited it to 1 photo per person in the calendar so everyone had a good chance (pros and amateurs). Everyone gets to vote for their favourite 3 photos (1st choice, 2nd choice etc) and the top 13 based on all votes cast are the winners.

I'm in!

Im in to Ron, - how many people do you need to get it up and running?

Andy :123:


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