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Adventure Bike Shop:
We finally have the new website up and running,there is still loads more to do and products to add but over the next couple of weeks we should get everything on there.  There is bound to be a number of errors and links that don't work as they are supposed to so we would appreciate any feedback that enables us to find and fix these things

The plan is for the old Two Wheel Trekkers site to go back to just being our personal travel site and for the Adventure Bike Shop site to be the business site so that people can still read about a past travels and hopefully one day in the future when we can get some time off our future travels as well !



Bad Juju:
Maybe a link or two would not go astray ??
I am quite interested in the rear rack extension where the pillion seat should be on your Tiger.

Adventure Bike Shop:
Well the website is not so new now it's been up and running for a few months now but I am still adding stuff when I get time, the rear compartment is a good example, it is not on the website along with a couple of other Jesse items that I have here in stock, I only got around to listing the S W Motech stuff by staying here late one night last week and I still heve more of that to do but I am getting there slowly.  Our actual links page is still on our old website so I really must get around to sorting that as well.



Well, it's a bit hard to find your website without a link . . .



Here U go Toontje & Bad Juju  [I think Mr A/B Shop is a little distracted?]




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