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rear rack


I've been trying to get a look at the rear rack of an XC but the only one I can see (so far) on the Trumpet website is the accessory one for the gel pillion seat. which is crap. does anyone happen to have a better one?  :183:

reason for asking is at the moment I'm considering keeping one of my nonfango topboxes as I've a couple of spare plates for them so want to see if I'd have to make a metal plate to fit to the bike then fit the nonfango base to, and whether that plate would bolt directly on.

I'm likely selling my nonfango panniers with my fazer as I fancy something like SW motech or Stalkhoffer ally cases, but will need a topbox for most of the time especially commuting so why buy when you can adapt existing.

ta in advance

Haggis95 posted this over on ratnet:


ta,  :028: that's kinda what I remember it looked like, although I thought it was flatter.
looks from that, that those four bolts could be replaced by longer ones to take spacers for either a metal plate or possibly straight to a nonfango/givi top plate. mmm. ideas hatching. cheers mark

I expect that you could also just remove Triumph's plate altogether and replace it with a different one.


will have to try and have a sneek look at the launch night this thursday.


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