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at the NEC I spoke to a very nice guy (the main man I think) from Stalkhoffer who said that if they had a bike for a day or so then they could measure up for pannier frames and would give a discount on any deal. they're based near Birmingham - 19A Baylie Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1AZ to be precise. I'd go myself, but it's about 300miles each way so wondered whether any locals would be interested?
for a price comparison, Touratech's offset pannier kit for an XT600 is 720; for SW Motech/Trax a kit is about 650; the StahlKoffer boxes are under 500.

Tiger Tale:
The Stalkhoffer boxes look pretty good :028: I like the fact that he's got them fitting in pretty close on those BMW's shown, not hanging way out into space like so many panniers do. Many pannier companies never show a pic from the rear. Why? Because from that angle you can see there is a foot of blank space between the box and bike. This makes lane splitting (filtering) tough, making the bike unnecessarily wide. It also means on rough roads the mounting racks will likely crack after some time. The further the bags stick out, the more of a negative effect they will have on high speed handling. Most make a "One Size Fits All" bag as opposed to a true Custom pannier ... which is what the Triumph OE bag is.

I would look closely at the WEIGHT of the panniers. In the USA we have "Jesse Bags". Nice bags. Very pricey $$$, very heavy  :121: Also very popular with the BMW crowd. For purely road riding/touring I suppose for many, weight is not such an important issue. I ran SW Motech racks & GIVI bags on my Vstrom and GIVI bags/racks on my DR650. Each weighed in at 35 to 40 lbs. (16 to 18 kgs) empty. The Jesse bags are even heavier.

Most pannier companies custom fit only the racks to the individual bike .... not the bags themselves. Sometimes not a good fit. Most fit all their products to a BMW .... and everyone else has to use bags made for BMW's. This appears to be the case with Stalkhoffer, as they seem to cater mainly to BMW riders.

Good quality boxes also from:

strong and relatively cheap....


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