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Adventure Bike Shop:
2" Rise x 1 1/8" Stem Clamp x 1 1/8" Handlebar Dual Sport pivoting Riser
We import the Rox Risers from the USA, 2" centre to centre rise  with out replacing cables. Very popular Triumph Tiger 800XC & Roadie as well as for the 1200 Explorer.  enter link for video install
Great for the new Triumph Tiger 800XC, and Street, along with many other bikes that come with 1 1/8" handlebars. Works with stock cables on the Tiger 800 and 1200 Explorer.

2" x 28mm Risers Machine finish 74.99

2" x 28mm Risers Anodised finish 78.99

2" x 28mm Anti-Vibration Risers machine finish 134.99

 :001: Quick Question:

Like the other Site Sponsors [likes of MTC Exhausts, Dynojet, Powerbronze, etc...]  how about offering a discount to Forum Members? - might drum up a lot more business for you???  :164:

Adventure Bike Shop:
First I try not to offer discounts on everything because the margin on some items is too low to discount, I do offer specials on my website and I have listed the offer on the Tiger 800 Jesse luggage, these Rox Risers are a good seller for me but most people either come in the shop where I will fit them for free or buy them on eBay.

If forum members want to contact me by PM or on the phone I would send them out post free (I use Royal Mail Special for the risers as they are insured and delivery is next day)



Cheers for the reply Cliff   :028:

[Always worth asking]  & thanks.


Adventure Bike Shop:
Free post on Rox Risers, if you are on the Tiger 800 or 1200 Explorer forum use thia code TEXFreeDel to get free delivery on certain Rox Risers (the ones thet fit the Tiger/Explorer




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