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sw motech and bags connection

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SW Motech  open a new side  for Tiger 800 and Tiger XC,showrub,129641513610373,en,1296415149-10404,brands.triumph,,,,.htm

Yes I noticed but unfortunately from what I see they still have nothing really made for the 800 or 800/XC.

All they have (for the time being) are "universal" acccessories that also fit the Tiger 800.

I hope that they will have something more substancial soon.

Desert Dave:
It would be nice to even see some photos of their current bags fitted on the bike.

I'm moving my tank ring from the 1050 to my 800, same fitting / bolt configuration.  I use the City bag and it matches the curve of the tank quite nicely.  As a precaution I always use a tank pad, the city bag with a full load could touch down at the back sometimes.


Are you going for the Tiger tank pad offered by Triumph at a spicy 27?  I saw one fitted on a Tiger awaiting collection from the dealer but apart from fact it's tailored at the base to the shape of the tank and has a Tiger logo embossed on it I thought it looked a bit naff, a bit like a rubber tank pad you'd have bought in the 1980's.  Probably practical and well up to the job but I decided to save some dosh and went for a Motografix.


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