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arrow can baffles

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is anyone planning on running the arrow can without baffles? has anyone tried this yet?
would it affect the mapping?
just looking at options for now, have ordered the arrow for my XC as i thought the standard can was too bulky looking and a tad too muffled.

Normally the Arrow has a removable baffle and Triumph have differant maps for with and without baffle, not heard if the Tiger Arrow can is the same but no reason to think not

Tiger Balm:
My dealer has the arrow on the demo...I road it with baffle in, then got them to re do the remap as a bit snatchy, they took the baffle out, it did not run as smooth and as a demo it was too loud, so baffle back in. To be honest weight change on one can can be much different than the centre stand, and at 500 its not for me. I am sorry they dont do a TOR can for it

oswald the devout:
my dealer told me it is remapped for the arrow can and then you can remove or refit baffle as you want and the mapping stays the same

Tiger Balm:
Yes same map............I meant remap after my ride out, that made it a lot better with the arrow..........they then took out the baffle and it was ok too, just the noise for demo bike made them put it back


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