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This thread is for general discussion about the photo competition and the 2014 calendar.

The idea is to post all your comments relating to the competition here (thereby keeping the other threads in this sub-board free of general banter).

this is in response to a comment by BigMike about his technical/technique suggestions for submissions for the inaugural calendar being ignored...

I wouldn't say that, more likely that some of the images were one off snaps/photos on trips that would be impossible to repeat just to get a "better" photo. and many of the submissions would have been taken before you provided your advice.

Now that we know the probable format of the 2014 calendar I'd expect most if not all images to be in landscape format, and by the content of the successful images this year we should be able to be more focussed (sorry) with our submissions.  so don't be so negative (again, sorry)



The Competition this year as you point out is going to be looser in the brief as the project is aimed at all being able to take part and that all are capable of making the 'Money shot'
I do hope also that from the 1013 campaign that more riders will be enthused to take part.
Originally the end point was tight due to the way that the eventual calendars produced proposed and since and including the calendars delivered we can do away with most of the crap.

The main point to drive at this stage now it is up and running is:

More pictures please
Wider variety of shot making as you said landscape or portrait
Getting shots in different seasons around the world
Shots like yours with people included perhaps
ends of the spectrum in terms of where we ride - Commuters are an example and city riding too
Remembering that it a fun thing to do and no one needs to be a so called professional - in fact it goes against the overall appeal to go that way
It is for us - Tiger riders
It is for charity
It is to get what we want - ie Oxford Products cannot compete ha ha
It is bespoke
It brings us closer together as a forum - worldwide too

Bring it on  :123:

I'm all for that, the more variety the better. We should hopefully have a few more famous landmarks this year, such as big ben, monument valley, uluroo (ayres rock), stonehenge, table mountain, eifel tower etc etc. Now that we know there is to be another calendar then when we are on holiday/out on trips we can actively try to get photos for submission.

one thing I was wondering, is there still going to be such a low limit on the number of submissions from each forum member?

Good point - i will raise that with de committee  :123:


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