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Issue 14 of Adventure Bike Rider has a (supposed) round up of the best adventure bikes around including the Crosstourer, CRF250, V-Strom and (unsuprisingly) the 1200GS.

Other than the obvious answer that journalists have to limit what they review otherwise the mag would just be one review, what reasons do you think why the either the Tiger 800 or 1200 don't get anything other than a passing mention?

For my 2 pence, I can fully understand why the 250 is in there as no everyone wants a big bike especially if they are doing proper off-road adventure touring and there it goes without saying why the 1200GS in there but the others just don't make sense.  The CrossTourer especially as it's just another 1200 with even less off-road capabilities than the Tiger Roadie or even the V-Strom. The V-Strom could have been included as a cheap adventure bike which again is understandable but doesn't explain the lack of the Tiger in the review.

Tiger Balm:
To be honest I dont understand "Adventure Bike" as an adventure can be had on any bike.

O dont get ABR, so no idea.

I have riden the CRF250L if thats the model you refer to, that is either a learner or commuter bike, although I am keen to get one and make it a nice little trail bike.

I understand why no crosstourer, and the 1200 is similar to that as is the std GS.

Does an adventure bike need off road capabilities? if so then the XC was be a good choice, so as you say why lack of Tiger. KTM win?

Originally Posted by Tiger Balm O dont get ABR, so no idea.

I used to....  after a year it started to get like all the others, so I ditched it.

It's pretty much an ABR style to carry out reviews that aren't really representative.  I noticed on the ABR forum that someone raised this very point and the response was, well, not one I would have admitted to openly....

* They tell the manufacturers they are doing a review, and review the kit the manufacturers send*

So either Triumph don't give ABR any credence, or they didn't have a bike to lend. 

I have seen the same incomplete reviews on jackets, pants, boots and lids.....  often it's the market leader, or  even some with the best reputation... 

Of course, one mans adventure is another mans trip to the shops, so why does it matter what kind of bike you ride?  A C90, R1 or a Goldwing can ride east till they arrive home, but some people still think it's the style of bike that makes an adventure.  My biggest adventure was throwing my leg over my nice new MTX125R and riding it from the shop many years ago, the first time I had taken a bike on the road...... 


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