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Big Bill:
 :005: Just transfered the insurance from my 08 Sprint 1050 ST which runs out on 18th May to my Tiger 800 XC (non ABS) which I pick up on 5th March. They wanted 87 to transfer but I got it down to 62.
I'm dreading what the renewals going to be in May.  :211:
Anybody else got any insurance woes?

Transferred insurance from my 07 Sprint ST, insurance for which expires in June.  No additional charge (apart from 30 admin fee).

same transfered insurance until june  11.50 extra. but a massive 30.00, so called admin fee. with carole nash!

Tiger Balm:
I did a deal with carole nash in december when I renewed mine...I said I would be adding a bike end jan, so agreed not to pay the admin fee.....and guess what, it was on the file in Jan and no admin, cost me 55 for 10.5 months

Big Bill:
Got my new insurance certificate today along with a breakdown of the 62.23 cost.
Premium Adjustment - 12.23. I can handle that.
Service Charge - 50.00. Now that's just taking the piss.
I hope CN can do me a good price when my renewal is due because I grudge giving any more of my money to these robbing  :172:


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