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Has anybody taken out gap insurance  :261: I have been offered this by my dealer at almost 300  :110:
Have found similar products on line for 125  :183:

What do you all think  :261:

Personally I've never taken out gap insurance, car or bike. The money I've saved avoiding it over the years has probably paid for my new Tiger  :001:

However everyone to his own, some people like the nice warm feeling of security of being insured to the hilt, I'll just take me chances..........

youmust decide whether GAP insurance is for you, however I'd suggest great caution at buying such insirance policies at the last minute and from the reatailer. theres lots of examples where a retailers insurance isn't good value, and plenty where its plain wroing, examples include payment protection insurance and extended warranty insurance.

if GAP insurance is for you then look around, it may be that your dealer is offering you a good product, they may not. insurers seem to find increasingly creative ways to exclude certain risks from insurance policies so check the fine detail before signing up. compare the policies fine print and make certain what you think you are buying. if the language isn't clear then query it with the person sellign you the insurance and write down on the poilicy, the doucemtn the wahtever what that unclear terms means (or you have been told what it means). its a lot harder for someone to wriggle out if you can demonstrate that you were told XYZ when the insurer is retrospectively saying it covers ABC

persoanlly I wouldn't touch Gap insurance with a bargepole, but thatsd my preference, it may not be yours or your circumstances

I think that is is worth having if cheap enough.

I was wandering round the local Mercedes dealer waiting for them to find some bits I need for my 20 year old 190 2.6 and noticed their brochure on "Gap Insurance". On a 48,000 E Coupe it is only 499....: say 1%. Therefore more than 80.00 on the bike is a con. So 300 is just a rip off.

To be honest on a bike I'd never bother with gap insurance. But IF i was buying a new E Class Coupe (yes, right, dream on) I probably would pay for it.

And why do I buy thinggs like wiper blades and oil filters from the "stealer"?? They are about 20% cheaper than Halfords, are Mercedes parts with 12 months guarantee and the people at the delership actually know what they are talking about.

i went on a skiing holiday a few years ago, one of the guys in our party worked for an insurance company. upon talking to him he told me for a car worth around 60k the dealership would charge around 700.00 for gap insurance. you could barter with them & achieve around 500 ish. BUT THE POLICY HE SOLD THE DEALER WAS APPROX 50.00. very true story so beware !


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