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l know people have talked about insurance quotes, but l would like to share the quotes l have had, especially the one from Triumph.
Background  male, age 46, bike license 28 yrs, no convictions or claims, and no claims to use. ( cancelled 2 policies during last 12 months due to selling bikes)

Triumph 2 quotes only,  438 and 1550
E bike 237
Hastings (thru MCN) 245
Swinton 460
Carol Nash 428 (was with them for the Harley policy and they were only 270ish with guaranteed value)
and all the others on mcn compare going down to 900.

You would think Triumph would try and be competitive, and they come no where near.

my triumph quote was 1900
40 yrs, no claims and convictions etc
22 years riding.
in the end went for CN 547 multibike policy including full AA cover

I thought 117 to update my policy with E bike was steep (7months to run) when a trawl on-line got a fully comp quote for 89 for a year ( the advantages of getting old and or living in the sticks) . Though the excess at 450on either is a bit much, I didn't even know Triumph offered insurance! Shows how much attention I pay to their e-mails.

brid tiger:
250 for tiger and my scrambler fully comp on the same policy with CN ..

 i'm as happy as you can be when it comes to paying for insurance  :157:

 the premium is lower for me on the tiger than it was for the street r   :047:


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