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MTC vs standard - weight?

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Anyone know the specs on weight of the MTC units? And weight of the standard Triumph unit for comparison?

Any weight difference between the carbon, titanium and stainless models?

(Need another reason to justify it to the Treasurer.)  :001:

Got one like that at home as well mate.
Just fill the standard one up with sand and get her to hang onto it for a while. Then give her the new one.
Works every time.



The standard is / was 5.8KG

Don't know the mtc but the scorpion I have is 2.2 KG

The difference in weight is equivalent to a full 2.5 ltr can of paint... I know cos I weighed it! I must get out more.

I've never really understood why people think that saving weight with an exhaust is a good thing? Or this is a justifying reason for the purchase?

Have you stripped off all the other parts that add weight? Or have you added a center stand, hand guards, risers, luggage etc.

The average rider could lose a few pounds / kilos, far better than any mod saving ideas to do with changing parts.

If you want to change the exhaust, change it, in the words of "Nike" "Just Do It"


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