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Red Rocks Park, Colorado
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 Rating: 4.99
Posted by SeanD_Colorado
Mar 05, 2012
in SeanD_Color­ado
Cree Lights
Was going to fit the Triumph fog lights but found these on Bike Viz.  They have the same light intensity but consume far less power, mount on the same brackets and use the same loom and handlebar switch.  Only very minor mods (a hole drilled in each bracket and a couple of wiring joints) needed
 Views: 492
 Rating: 4.99
Posted by Hamishc
Apr 16, 2013
in Hamishc
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Cree running lights - brackets
Standard Triumph brackets.  Only 1 hole needs drilled in each bracket to take the light's mounting bolt.
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 Rating: 4.99
Posted by Hamishc
Apr 16, 2013
in Hamishc
Corney Fell - what a road !

 Cheeky afternoon off work  on route to Ravenglass
 Views: 424
 Rating: 4.99
Posted by kbar800
Aug 18, 2015
in Kbar800
Tiger hot under collar
 Views: 498
 Rating: 4.98
Posted by Nick61tiger
Nov 19, 2011
in Nick61tiger

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