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Turned out the wheel was put in the other direction so the abs disk was on the wrong side. Must have been drinking 😂😂😂
Thanks for thinking
General Maintenance and Servicing / Re: TC is blinking and no power
« Last post by K1W1 on Today at 04:46 am »
*Originally Posted by arjandevries [+]
Just riding on the dry street.
No changed conditions as before the winter
Served the bike a few weeks ago. Did not ride it afterwards. Oil change and front spring change.
When I start riding and hit the throttle then the tc light starts flashing and powers the bike down. Just little throttle in first gear there is no problem.

That clears things up and points to a wheel speed sensor issue as already mentioned.
Yes it is
Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Re: Heated Grip Switch / Wiring
« Last post by chuckxc on Yesterday at 11:09 pm »
Regardless of your final choice, assuming you do fix it in some way, you will have to remove the left grip. When you do you will then have better information on the cause and that might lead to the best solution from there, ie repair or replace.
Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Re: Heated Grip Switch / Wiring
« Last post by Thripster on Yesterday at 09:33 pm »
Do a more detailed s arch on the threads here..... I'm sure I've seen a thread where a repair is made to rusted/corroded element wires under the grip with comprehensive repair details.
Oh the 2024 is different ?  I know the seat design is..
If only it was that simple on the latest Tiger 900!
Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Heated Grip Switch / Wiring
« Last post by diddylord on Yesterday at 08:23 pm »
The LH heated grip on my 2016 XRT has stopped working after many miles of use.
I have had it apart and had a look but I suspect the wire is damaged somewhere.

In my head I have two options to fix this:
  • Source and replace only the left hand grip, these don't seem to be available any more, does anyone know of a source for the original heated grips?
  • Replace the heated grips with aftermarket ones from Oxford

As I have the combined fog light and heated grip switches on the handlebars I don't really want any more buttons and would ideally like to be able to use that switch.
From what I can gather here both the Triumph and Oxford heated grips use the same method for controlling the heat.

Has anyone been able to replace the Triumph grips with Oxford ones by only changing the grips (and I presume the wiring connectors) but keeping the rest of the triumph wiring including the handlebar switch?

Many Thanks
Really easy, two bolts where it attaches near the riders seat (remove seat) and just slide up and back.  If you look on FB you can find a downloadable service manual.

I've managed to run a cables for satnav and heated clothing by hiding them behind the frame tubes for now.

Thanks anyway
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