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Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / December
« Last post by pemcer on Today at 08:52:54 AM »
Thought it was time to bite the bullet & order a new Tiger so popped into the dealers only to be told that the earliest they could offer delivery was DECEMBER!
see this thread re sat nav above the display..,29651.0.html
Tiger Tails - Touring Chat and Ride Reports / Re: Bonnie Scotland Tips
« Last post by coddy on Today at 07:31:11 AM »
I'm up in bonnie Scotland now after riding from Oxfordshire to Falkirk yesterday. Weather is set fine for my ride up through the Cairngorns today before heading west to camp near Fort William.

I have brought a bottle of Avon skin so soft which sounds extremely feminine but i've been told its such an effective anti midge spray that the armed forces use it. I'll report back on its effectiveness tomorrow!
For Sale / Re: Sargent seat low
« Last post by Justin12 on Today at 07:21:23 AM »
Now sold
*Originally Posted by Reggieboy [+]

I had a Tiger 800 XR for two years and all was well until my wife and I began some loaded trips. (Scottish b roads) The increased load showed the bike to be prone to stalling on uphill take offs unless it got a lot of revs. Along with its top heavy nature i eventually parted with it. Then the 900 came out. My question is; is it any better?. The 800 would stall as though it had switched off - there was never any warning of the engine bogging down. It just seemed to lack grunt at very low revs. By comparison my NC750 and my Interceptor are so much easier to launch.

I fancy a 900 but not unless the new engine has better characteristics. I'm miles from a dealer so would like to know if a test ride is worth the effort.

Interesting thread. I had one of the first Explorers and it occasionally cut out inexplicably at low revs, usually when the clutch lever was pulled. I had a '16 XRt 800 that did as you describe, probably every 1000 miles or so. Got a 900 GT now, done 4500 miles and no sign of stalling, feels lighter and suspension feels smoother. Front brake is reassuringly savage and rear a touch less bite than the 800. Wish I could have the satnav above the display. Happy though.

P.S. Just returned from a 240 mile back road thrash up to the Humber Bridge, twice I caught the sidestand with my left foot when moving off, momentarily lifting it off it's microswitch & causing the engine to switch off
*Originally Posted by Whiskery1 [+]
A saw holder!  Another great idea  :152:
:001: hahaha, Dragons den for me
Tiger Tails - Touring Chat and Ride Reports / Re: Bonnie Scotland Tips
« Last post by Gmac on Yesterday at 10:39:43 PM »
thanks again all some brilliant advice as always, will raise with the lads and try to factor in as much as possible, unless it lashes down moonsoon like non stop, if it does well just hit the pubs and sell the bikes!!!
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: Spare keys
« Last post by philmcglass on Yesterday at 10:22:25 PM »
Fair comments.
Need to rethink this.
General Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Squeak at the rear wheel
« Last post by chuckxc on Yesterday at 10:04:04 PM »
*Originally Posted by Djairouks [+]
And if on the brake disc, WD40 will make the braking slip so it's really not good.
He meant the wheel axle on the brake disc side of the wheel, not the actual disc.

(Btw, silicon spray on the cush rubbers when assembling the wheel/sprocket will make it easy to assemble and also prevent rubbing noise.)
For Sale / FOR SALE - Helite Hi-Viz Air Vest Size L
« Last post by alexe14 on Yesterday at 09:22:17 PM »
Bought in 2019 from Helite, worn 4 times last year before purchasing M size. I am 5'8 / 170lbs and the L fits a tad too large. Comes with lanyard and back protection.

Never deployed, well taken care of and it has spent the past 9 months in my office closet.
Very comfortable, you do not feel it when you ride, and no you will not accidentally deploy it nor pull the bike over when you get off, the lanyard is elasticated and has just enough give to remind you it's there.

$400 obo, easy pick-up or delivery in NYC metro area, or $25 for shipping CONUS

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