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If the oil's coming out golden you could "recycle" it in your Toyota.
For Sale / Forcefield Action Shorts - Large
« Last post by jakeyt on Today at 04:37 pm »
Forcefield Action Shorts - Size Large

The original and still in my opinion the best.

Worn about 3 times, unfortunately bad knees and a big belly precludes me from still needing these.

Armour included

Looking for £65.00 posted UK Only


For Sale / Re: 2011 Tiger 800 XC - £3600.00
« Last post by jakeyt on Today at 04:34 pm »
Price drop - £3600
*Originally Posted by K1W1 [+]
Your money but you are wasting it. There is absolutely no technical reason to change oil that frequently all you are doing is creating additional waste oil in the world for no mechanical benefit.

Wrong, come October the tenps here will be dropping and according to triumphs factory service manual I should be switching back to 10w-40 oil regardless of the miles I have driven.

Also, buying this motorcycle used I have no idea of the service history. The oil I just drained could have been the original oil for all I know. A couple of early oil changes to make sure all the residual old nasty oil is gone is well worth the cost for my peace of mind.

As for wasting oil, my other vehicle is a gas guzzleing 97 toyota land cruiser that burns about a quart of oil every 1,000 mile. Even if I do perform a couple of early oil changes I am still saving loads of petroleum by riding and using the motorcycle instead of theToyota. This is half the reason I own a motorcycle.
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: T900 Radiator debris
« Last post by awjdthumper on Today at 03:56 pm »
I'll have to have a look behind the guard on my XCA! Interesting distribution of insect strikes especially at the bottom of the radiator looking as though the airflow is getting under the guard?
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / T900 Radiator debris
« Last post by fastnfat on Today at 01:55 pm »
What’s hiding behind your radiator guards? My T900 after 11k miles :015: Right and Left side both the same!

I had them on mine they were great. Much more comfortable.
Just putting out a 'non starting' experience I had recently.

Had ridden my bike halfway up the east Coast of Oz as part 1 of a longer trip.
Parked it up in  a mates garage and flew home. Went back 6 weeks later to set up for part 2 of the trip.
Put it on a battery charger whilst setting up panniers, riding gear, camping gear etc etc.

Packed everything, charger was finished, hit the starter and it 'coughed' but wouldn't fire.
Tried it maybe 7 or 8 times for up to 5 to 10 seconds each and it just wasn't even sounding like firing.
Tried opening up the Throttle, half throttle, no throttle of course = NO KABOOM.

Could smell fuel and wondered if its possible for FI bikes to flood. Reflecting on the good old days of carby's, chokes, flooded bowls etc.

Started to think I was going to flatten the Battery so I stopped and decided to open the fuel cap and let it air for a few seconds.
Closed the Cap, Hit the key and it started straight off, was a bit doughy so I took it around the block to clear the system.

I suspect that in the hot humid weather ???? locked up in a steel garage on the Gold Coast for 6 weeks ..... that it must have pressurized in the Tank??  From nothing to bang after opening the cap. Is there a sensor for fuel pressure ??? Could the injectors over pressurise ?

Not one ounce of hesitation or problem for the next week of the trip in 'all' conditions up to high 30 cel.

So just putting it out there, if for whatever reason, your Tiger plays up after being parked for a while. Open the Cap

Is it possible that the FI could play up if the Tank pressurizes?  I was in a dark place for 10mins ..... a trip 1 year in the planning and a bike that dns at the starting line.  :005:
*Originally Posted by Abramsgunner [+]
Well it's starting to sound like the explorer bars are the best option   :001:

*Originally Posted by Abramsgunner [+]
I guess that brings up another question...  Is there a specific year or part number for the Explorer bars that is best to use, or are they all the same?

I know this is an old topic, but yesterday I decided to give it a try and replace the handlebars of my 2015 Tiger XCX with the Tiger Explorer 1200 handlebars. The part number of the Explorer bar is T2041624 (2012-2015 model). The handlebars are bend backward a little more and they are slightly wider than the original bar. I had to cut the connectors of the original heated grips, because they don't fit through the hole at the end of the Explorer handlebars which is much narrower. Also I needed to run new wires through the handlebars to reconnect the heated grips. I reconnected the cut-off connectors  to my new wires coming out of the handlebars and used them on connectors that were still on the cable tree (the part that I pulled out of the original handlebars)

Everything else fits just nicely. Hope to make a test drive next week and let you know the result.
2023 Mega Meet / Re: 2023 Tiger Mega Meet UK - Attendee List
« Last post by sezian on Today at 12:01 pm »
1. T800XC
2. Lang
3. Stevie.P
4. rozzer
5. Wullie
6. Zaphod
7. Sezian
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