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Misc Technical Help Required / Re: Where did my fuel go?
« Last post by healdem on Today at 04:04 am »
I would suspect its a dicky fuel level sensor or connection between the sensor and the ecu, or worse a developing ecu fault.

It's unlikely the ecu uses averaging to calculate range, more likely exponential smoothing (ES)... similar effect as averaging but computationally much easier..
'Averaging' fuel level readings could also rely on exponential smoothing or just use an electrical form of dampening. When using ES you need a last known (stored) value, the current value and the dampening factor. Missing either if the two values means no result. Given the time taken to register refuelling I'd suspect the level sensor is fairly heavily damped.

Theoretically ES should re establish itself in a few calculation cycles after 'losing' the old value. 

It could be a sticky fuel sensor, that would be an easier fix than a dicky ECU. If the bike starts, it's unlikely to be low voltage.

Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: First Crash
« Last post by K1W1 on Yesterday at 10:19 pm »
*Originally Posted by Mrski1 [+]

once home I noticed the pillion pegs have bent, with hairline cracks the full circumference at the weld.

Any crash you walk away from is a good crash so that is a win.
The bike is an insurance write off. The rear frame is bent and that will mean it is totaled by the insurance company so accept that and move on. Remove any accessories you want to keep prior to the insurance company seeing the bike as when they do whatever is on the bike when they write it off becomes theirs.
For Sale / Re: Lowered centre stand
« Last post by Phil_from_Derry on Yesterday at 09:58 pm »
Thanks kennyd.  I need to check ground clearance, mine is an xrx low so prob a few inches lower than your xrt.  I'm assuming the stand came off your standard height xrt?
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: To buy or not to buy?
« Last post by peterjfox69 on Yesterday at 09:30 pm »
I've owned there Tiger 800's, Gens 1-3.  The Gen 3 XCA is the real deal, it lacks nothing (rather annoying gear whine from the straight cut on the imput shaft after they removed the backlash gears) aside.
Smooth engine which is perfect for motorway cruising, great off road, and bullet proof.  Loads of cool ad ons and good value.  I picked up a brand new one in 2020 for £9999 with panniers.
I tried the 900 but found the vibes really annoying at around 75-80mph, same with the new 1200.
Trouble is, if you have come from the old triple engines the t-plane just misses the spot.  That's because they aren't the Triumph Triple.  They're a hybrid that's not sure what it is. 
The reason why I buy Triumph bikes is because of the engine, simple as that.
I've ridden and owned most of the other makes but found the triple to be just what I wanted.
Now they've decided to get ride of the reason you buy a Triumph to replace it with, er, a bit of this and a bit of that?!
I wanted to upgrade to a bigger bike as I intend to do more touring and although the 800 is great, it's a bit manic over long periods but because it's smooth, it's doable.
Now I'm getting older I want a bit more finesse.
The Gen 3 Explorer is perfect but a bit of a lump.
The new 900 and 1200 would be great with the 180 degree Triple but they don't make them.
You either stick with your 800 or change brand, none of that seems a great move by Triumph.
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: First Crash
« Last post by ENGLISHBANDIT on Yesterday at 09:04 pm »
Any crash you can walk away from is a good one, if there is such a thing that is. Been hit twice by car drivers not looking. Sadly itís life for us bikers. But I walked away from both of mine , Un like two of my good friends many years ago. Both did not make it sadly. And my wifeís friend lost a leg when he was knocked off. So if you walk away from one go buy a lottery ticket. If your frame is scratched they will write it off. So just see if you can buy it back cheap
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: First Crash
« Last post by Shergar on Yesterday at 08:17 pm »
I've lost count of the number of times I've been heading towards the M40 from Northampton and had some muppet decide to go straight on in the very clearly marked left only lane at the roundabout on the BRackley by pass. The right lane is left or straight on, or if you are a motorcyclist it's the short cut to an early exit.
Great info, thanks, I will have a look at the Ali Express route next. Cheers. :821:
*Originally Posted by Free-Spirit [+]
Thanks for that Fazer, lot cheaper than £159 for the oem part. How would you rate the quality? Also, does it give you better access to the horn, once fitted, like the triumph high level beak does? Thanks in advance. :002:

The AliExpress beaks are completely plastic. I havenít looked at an OEM one but I think they are the same, although I obviously canít directly compare the quality of the mouldings. At the price, I was willing to take a chance and I think that I got a bargain! There are lots of other Tiger 800 owners whoíve reported on Facebook that theyíve installed these cheapo versions and I havenít seen any bad reports. If the beak gets a heavy knock itís likely to crack but maybe the OEM one would be the same (?).

I have changed the horn since installing the beak and access was easy without needing to remove anything else.
New Members / Re: Loving my Tiger
« Last post by Tigerfirst on Yesterday at 05:52 pm »
*Originally Posted by stupe93 [+]
Thank you for letting me join..

 :401: to the forum  :002:. Great people and a wealth of knowledge you can access
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: Insurance renewal
« Last post by PapaTom on Yesterday at 05:35 pm »
I believe she sold the company a few years ago. Been with them for around 14 years.
Changed to Mackenzie Hodgson.
Seem good so far.
Good luck negotiating this annual minefield.

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